Welcome to Foresight

A subscription based SAAS platform designed to streamline GRC processes, enhancing productivity by consolidating tasks into a single, centralized location.


2030 Vision

In order to achieve the Kingdom's cybersecurity strategy for a secure and reliable Saudi cyberspace that can grow and flourish, with the three pillars of high revenue projects and the empowerment of national authorities and national initiatives, Foresight's platform contributes to raising the level of cybersecurity by providing automated compliance services while providing many features to subscribers through an interactive platform that includes a large number of local national frameworks and organizations.


Immediate benefits of Foresight

  1. Evaluation, review and audit within minutes

  2. Immediate result of indicators for each regulatory framework

  3. Collaboration between teams through an electronic platform

4 things you'll get rid of with Foresight platform

  1. Communicate via email with other teams to select dates and send alerts

  2. Work to midnight in manual work with excel programs and email

  3. Create reports or dashboard

  4. Develop instructions, or tips to answer different organizations manually